Conrail Southern Tier
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West Hall BUOI at West Hall waiting for the Conductor(me) to open the switch and derail. CHall Office Crew room and MOW office.
Wye North end of the wye looking out to Maybrook and the Walden Branch. Wye 2 Looking in the other direction. Right, West end. Left East end.
Chall View Wach03 before heading out to Four Story Junction and Middletown. Campbell Shanty MOW shed. Just another   neatstructure sitting trackside. East leg of the wye East end of the wye.
West from the station View looking West to the yard tracks. O&W bridge a way down the tracks.
February 21, 2000
3 guys Butch, Dwight & Tom.
Tommy Tom getting the HO8 ready   to roll.
HO8 Power for the HO8 sitting on the Pit track.
HO9 HO9 picing up spacer for a run to Nepera Chemical in Harriman, NY.
Transit Caboose NJTransit Caboose.
4089 4089 sitting on the Pit.
Station Passenger Station. Typical structure on the Tier East of Port Jervis. Flanger Flanger on the Pit.